Innovid Launches Programmatic Creative Solution for Advanced Video Advertising

Leading Video Platform Becomes First Company to Offer Full Suite of Video Marketing Capabilities for Pre-Roll, Interactive and Personalization

NEW YORK, NY -- (Marketwired) -- 11/10/15 -- Innovid, the world's leading video platform for advertisers to create, deliver and measure video experiences on any device, today announced the addition of a Programmatic Creative solution. The latest offering to their platform helps advertisers to build, personalize, and optimize video messaging and content using any data source -- working hand-in-hand with existing programmatic media strategies. This addition to Innovid's offering also makes it the first video platform to have a complete suite of video marketing capabilities for pre-roll, interactive and personalized video, giving brands and their media agencies, trading desks and DSPs a tool to increase ROI on programmatic media spend.

Innovid's Programmatic Creative solution effectively combines data and creative, empowering brands to create personalized video messaging and content, and then target those messages to the best-fit audiences. With this enhancement to the Innovid platform, brands can more easily and effectively tell their brand stories across multiple audience segments. Moreover, instead of solely implementing a programmatic media buying strategy and serving the same creative message across the media buy, the Innovid programmatic creative solution allows advertisers to layer in personalized creative and extract higher returns on that spend with precision messaging.

"Traditionally, advertisers spend most of their time and effort on programmatic media strategies just finding the right audiences. Once identified, however, these target audiences all received the exact same message. That's a missed opportunity," said Ronnie Lavi, VP of Product for Innovid. "With Innovid's programmatic creative solution, brands can personalize the message and content, and dramatically increase relevancy in order to gain a much higher return on their media investments."

Innovid's Programmatic Creative offering uses real-time data such as geographic, demographic, behavioral, advertiser site activity, publisher data, CRM or any other first or third-party data sources, to segment and target viewers with specific video messages or content based on their unique attributes. The creative decisioning engine then utilizes this data in real time to identify the unique viewer attributes and then provide the most relevant content to the specific viewer. Additionally, Innovid can serve any type of ad format and work with both VAST and VPAID inventory, as well as provide granular reporting for each creative version.

Innovid's complete suite of video marketing solutions across pre-roll, interactive and personalized video, empowers advertisers to execute any video campaign strategy, in order to achieve scale, engagement and/or audience targeting. From a single platform, and across any device or media partner, advertisers can access a single data set which can be leveraged to achieve sequential messaging, creative retargeting, creative frequency and other advanced rotations, therefore significantly reducing operational complexity and increasing total media value.

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