Innovid Releases New Interactive Video Benchmarks Report to Help Advertisers Assess Video Performance and Determine Media Allocation

Having studied almost 2,300 campaigns throughout the first half of 2013, Innovid's report reveals that adding interactivity to pre-roll can increase ad engagement by 232 percent

NEW YORK, July 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Innovid, the technology platform delivering immersive video advertising anywhere, today released its Interactive Video Advertising Benchmarks: H1 2013, the only report of its kind available to advertisers. Similar to Innovid's Q4 2012 Benchmarks, the report showed that campaigns leveraging video interactivity could increase ad engagement by 232 percent. The report also showed that interactive ads produced significantly higher awareness rates, viewing rates, and more time spent interacting with the ad. Overall, the latest benchmarks showed a 161 percent increase in brand exposure with no additional media spend for advertisers.


Innovid studied over 2,300 campaigns in H1 2013 utilizing its advanced Video Ad Server on more than 1,000 premium publishers and 20 ad networks globally.  As advertising increasingly goes interactive, the benchmarks reports gives marketers and advertisers a way to compare traditional pre-roll media buys with interactive campaigns to ensure they are capitalizing on their advertising budgets. The report provides benchmarks for Awareness Rate, Engagement Rate, Time Earned, Completion Rate, Ad Viewability, and Click-Thru Rate focusing on Pre-roll, Innovid's iRoll® Apps, and iRoll® Expand formats.   

"As leaders in interactive video advertising, Innovid's benchmarks are a great indicator of how the industry is moving toward adopting interactive ads as a whole," said Zvika Netter, CEO of Innovid. "TV brand advertisers can view these numbers as a guide to the immense benefits of engaging their audiences through multiple screens. New technology frequently enters the market today, and Innovid knows how important it is for advertisers to make media buying decisions, so we make it a priority to simplify the process for our clients."

Some key findings of the Innovid Interactive Video Advertising Benchmarks: H1 2013 report include:

  • Innovid iRoll campaigns generated three times more user activity than did standard pre-roll campaigns
  •  Advertisers running a simple pre-roll saw an average 19.7 percent awareness rate, compared to 40.4 percent when leveraging iRoll
  • Pre-roll campaigns generated a 76.5 percent viewing rate, where campaigns using iRoll generated an 84.4 percent viewing rate
  • Innovid iRoll Expand campaigns delivered an additional 27.83 seconds in time earned on average, converting traditional 30-second media buys into 57.83 slots
  • 15-second slots saw the highest completion rate at 80.3 percent, whereas 30-second slots delivered a 73.8 percent completion rate
  • Viewers interacted with longer form content twice as much with 4.2 percent activity level as they did with the short form content with 2.2 percent activity level
  • The Entertainment vertical generated the greatest amount of user activity (5.5 percent) and time earned (35.73 seconds), while the CPG Food & Beverages vertical saw the greatest completion rate (77 percent) and average percentage of Ads Viewed (84.3 percent)

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